The Details Bio

Coward take this coward's hand

Seeing the details she never quite could

As ragged as love forlorn

This no man's land, we understand, cannot be claimed

If love is a dead world away that's where we'll go

Do you still have unfinished business here?

She had the revelation it's our own damn dream

A chance to leave a brokenhearted place

He's the last honest man, and he shines on down

Wounded eyes had always been his best bet

It's a low bar baby, this social climb

The hard light makes it easy, to walk without any fear

No words, no tears, no demands

Like a heart deformed by friction

This is yours and mine to live with

Carl Funk Bio

Carl Funk. Writer, musician, and visual artist. Provider of poetry, sound and images. Arranger of observations. Seattle native. Member/writer for The Allies. Writer for The Brandos. Longtime member of duo Funk/Mason, and lead singer/guitarist for popular Northwest band The Halyards. Currently releasing new solo album "The Details." With the Siren's heart. Here by the Salish Sea.